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Posted on Apr 10, 2024

Thomson inspire the next generation through school visits

Celebrating 20 years at Thomson

As Thomson marks its 20th anniversary, we’ve embarked on a mission to make a meaningful impact in 2024. As part of our commitment, we’ve pledged to host 20 events throughout the year to support local and national charities, environmental conservation efforts and local communities. From Baking for Dementia UK to Leaping for the Froglife Trust, our teams have already been hard at work spreading positivity and making a difference.

This time, we set our sights on inspiring the next generation by raising awareness about our profession and wildlife conservation. Our dedicated ecologists prepared engaging activities and delivered captivating talks at two different schools in March 2024, igniting a spark of curiosity and environmental stewardship among young minds.

Aspire Day at Rainbow Forge Primary Academy, Sheffield

Leanne Wall, a Principal Ecological Consultant at Thomson, had the privilege of addressing ten classes at Rainbow Forge Primary Academy in Sheffield as part of their Aspire Day. Aspire Day provides children with insights from professionals across various fields, offering them a glimpse into potential career paths.

Leanne captivated the students, ranging from Reception to Year 6, introducing them to the role of an ecologist, highlighting the diverse environments where ecologists work and the importance of protecting habitats and wildlife. Her talk delved into various ecological topics such as bats, birds, and badgers, engaging the students with interactive quizzes and demonstrations. The highlight of the session was a playful, yet educational ‘whose poo’ quiz, which left the children buzzing with excitement.

whose poo

STEM Inspiration Day at Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School, Guildford

Continuing the spirit of environmental education, Assistant Ecologist Helena Bentham participated in STEM Inspiration Day at Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School in Guildford. This event was part of British Science Week, a national initiative celebrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Helena captivated pupils from year groups 3-6 with tales of working with plants and animals, sparking their imaginations and curiosity about ecology. Many were surprised to learn about the exciting world of ecological careers, where exploration and interaction with plants and animals are part of the job.

school presentation stand

Helena brought along engaging activities, including a matching the protecting species with its habitat game and camera trap video footage, leaving the children awestruck and eager to learn more. She also took along an endoscope ecologists typically use to inspect tree cavities for bats, and let the children practice using it to find soft toy animals inside nest boxes.

Many students admitted to having little prior knowledge of ecology, and exploring wildlife as a hobby was a new concept for them. Helena’s engaging presentation sparked curiosity and a newfound fascination with the natural world. She, too, found the experience rewarding, highlighting the confidence boost it provided and its benefit to her professional development.

Thomson school visit

Investing in the Future

At Thomson, through initiatives like these school visits, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation of ecologists. By piquing the curiosity of young minds, they are not only contributing to a more sustainable future but also paving the way for a more knowledgeable and passionate workforce in the field of ecology.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to create positive change and celebrate 20 years of Thomson excellence!

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