Posted on Aug 27, 2014

World's largest tidal energy scheme in Pentland Firth, gets funding

The developers of MeyGen, the world’s largest tidal stream development, have announced a funding package for the construction of the first phase of its groundbreaking 398MW tidal array project in the Pentland Firth, Scotland.

When fully completed, the MeyGen project will have the potential to provide clean, sustainable, predictable power for 175,000 homes in Scotland, support more than 100 jobs, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver significant, long-term supply chain benefits for UK economy.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey said the project will be the biggest tidal stream array in the world and will be key in the drive for wave and tidal power realising its potential of providing 20% of the UK’s electricity needs.

Given its location in one of the most challenging and promising stretches of UK water, The Inner Sound tidal array project has the potential to play a crucial role in advancing technology and developing essential construction and operating experience on the path towards larger commercial schemes around the UK and worldwide.

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