Great crested newt mitigation, rail improvement project, Hampshire

The brief

Following ecological survey reports identifying habitat potential for great crested newts, Thomson Habitats was brought in to undertake the appropriate mitigation works for Osborne’s proposed rail improvement project.

These mitigation works involved installing temporary amphibian fencing across difficult boggy terrain with sharp variations in gradient. Installation of pitfall traps and carpet tiles was also required. The fencing would surround the contractor’s haulage route, compound location, and the works area on both sides of the railway embankment.

What we did

  • Cleared woody vegetation and scrub in preparation for the great crested newt fence line
  • Supplied and installed temporary amphibian fencing, pitfall traps and refugia
  • Supplied and installed a Thomson TEC (temporary exclusion channel) newt grid at the entrance to the site, allowing contractors to drive through freely, whilst still excluding the newts.

The project was completed to a high standard with positive client feedback, in spite of the harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain.

We were able to install all mitigation features by the programme deadline, which allowed the great crested newt trapping period to commence as planned.

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