Autumn Budget - environmental announcements
Posted on Nov 23, 2017

Autumn Budget – environmental announcements

The Autumn budget was announced today, and amongst Philip Hammond’s key announcements, there are some optimistic environmental points:

  • A £220 million Clean Air Fund for local areas with the highest air pollution
    Local authorities will be able to use this money to help people adapt as steps are taken to reduce air pollution. Possible ways the money could be spent include reducing the cost of public transport for those on low incomes or modernising buses with more energy efficient technology.
    The money will come from a temporary rise in Company Car Tax and Vehicle Excise Duty on new diesel cars.
  • Reducing single-use plastics waste
    The government will seek views on reducing single-use plastics waste through the tax system and charges. Disposable plastics like coffee cups, toothpaste tubes and polystyrene takeaway boxes damage our environment.
    This follows the success of the 5p carrier bag charge, which has reduced the use of plastic bags by 80% in the last two years.
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