Bats in the attic – bat loft construction for Barratt David Wilson Homes
Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Bats in the attic – bat loft construction for Barratt David Wilson Homes

We have worked with Barratt David Wilson to construct a bat loft within one of the retained buildings on the Leithfield Park Development in Milford, which is due to be renovated.

The bat loft is part of a wider bat mitigation scheme on the development, which also includes a number of bat boxes in the surrounding trees and attached to selected houses.

The bat loft was required to be an independent space, specifically modified for bats within the existing loft space of the building. Therefore, it had to be completely sealed from the rest of the loft space to reduce the risk of disturbance to bats when roosting.

We constructed a separate space within the existing loft space, measuring approximately 6m x 4m. This incorporated the chimney, and extended to the apex of the loft, including exposed areas of roofing felt, to give the bats a range of surfaces and textures.

The loft incorporates various roosting features, attached both to the ceiling and vertically to the walls, whilst maintaining a good central space for the bats to fly. Bats access the loft via vented ridge tiles, under which the felt has been cut to allow clear access.

The loft was completed on time and to the required specification. With the loft complete and the bat mitigation measures in place, the rest of the renovation works to the building could proceed.

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