Posted on Nov 09, 2015

Fisheries team celebrate a first-rate year

With the new financial year upon us at Thomson, the fisheries team have been looking back over what has been a very successful year.

The team have been really busy with fish rescues from rivers, streams and still water, for projects such as flood alleviation schemes. Over 3500 fish have been rescued!

320 fish have been identified in our state of the art laboratory. The lab has also carried out dissections to identify grey mullets to species level for the Environment Agency.

The fisheries team have been busy with freshwater projects too, which have included protected species surveys of white clawed crayfish, non-native species advice, native species projects, aquatic invertebrate sampling, identification and reporting.

They have also been busy with scoping surveys, impact assessments and reports.

The team are looking forward to being just as industrious throughout 2016!

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      Knowledge Hub Fisheries team celebrate a first-rate year