Whittlesey Washes flood defence works

We worked with our client, Team Van Oord, to facilitate Phase 2 of the Whittlesey Washes flood defence scheme. The £26m scheme involves strengthening a 16km stretch of the south bank between Whittlesey and Stanground.

The scheme is designed to protect 8,000 hectares of farmland, hundreds of homes, as well as infrastructure around Peterborough.

Thomson Habitats was commissioned to:

  • Supply and install 7km of demarcation fencing
  • Cut up to 26ha of ruderal grassland with a bat wing mower
  • Supply and install 3km of concrete post rabbit fencing
  • Supply and install 6.5km of concrete post stock fencing
  • Supply and install 10 stiles and 9 field gates
  • Hydroseed 5.5ha with flexterra
  • Conventional seed 37ha with a deep rooting grass mix

Working closely alongside our client, we were able to mitigate the risk of potential programme delays and have worked collaboratively to ensure the delivery of the works.

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