Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Interactive mapping transforms ecology management

TIM (Thomson Interactive Mapping) – our state of the art geospatial technology connects our field ecologists out on site with our clients in their office and with our project managers at base.

Mobile devices are used to collect and upload accurate survey results, which are viewed in real-time by the project teams. Data includes photographs, reports and health and safety documents, providing a complete real time project management system. This year we have utilised TIM on most of our large projects, and it has helped key decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.

Our contract with Thomson Habitats to undertake vegetation clearance of the mothballed section of the East West Rail route has hugely benefitted from using TIM.

Dave Grimmond, Thomson Habitats Project Manager on the East West Rail project, says, “TIM with the mobile mappers has been a crucially important element on the EWR project. It was used at the bidding stage so that vegetation clearance operations could be accurately scoped and priced. Throughout the project, TIM was used for mapping any areas of ecological concern, and to monitor progress of the project.

This application of TIM not only saved my time assessing the progress, but also helped to validate payment applications. Overall, TIM has been an invaluable project management tool which we will continue to use and develop in the future.”

In the next month we are looking to update our geospatial technology which will provide additional functionality and most importantly the capability to view any map on any device anywhere.

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      Knowledge Hub Interactive mapping transforms ecology management