Posted on Apr 20, 2015

Fish rescue enquiries increase from the construction industry

The construction industry is forecast to grow by 23 % over the next four years and already Thomson Ecology is seeing a rise in fish rescue projects.

Our Fisheries Business Manager commented, “Site managers have become increasingly aware over the last couple of years what is required of them when working in areas affecting fish populations.
I find I am speaking to more site managers, who are adhering to the Environment Agency’s conditions for development works and want to understand each stage of the rescue, even after the relocation phase.”

It’s great to be able to assist with these projects and due to our experience working with the Environmental Agency we are able to obtain fish consents swiftly.

Fish rescues have seen us relocate thousands of fish from waterways affected by works on railway bridges, weir removals and flood alleviation schemes all around the UK.

For more information please contact Fisheries Business Manager, for more information by email or on 01483 466000.

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