Posted on Dec 15, 2014

Introducing the Temporary Exclusion Channel (TEC)

On sites where we have installed newt or reptile fencing, where there is a need for access to inside the fenced area, we have found clients often need a product which can act as an alternative to conventional wildlife fence gates. Gates don’t always stay secure over time, and can also be inconvenient to open and close. If gates are left open, or if gaps appear underneath, this could leave the site open to newts and reptiles, which could possibly result in project delays and even in the site having to be re-trapped.

We have worked with ecologists and fabricators to come up with the most cost-effective design which, when installed on a site, would be impassable to newts, and also sturdy enough to meet load-bearing requirements.

The TEC (Temporary Exclusion Channel) is the only temporary exclusion channel product on the market which is designed to work with conventional newt or reptile fencing. It can be leased in one metre sections, making it easily adaptable to fit different access widths, as well as fitting onto a pallet for cheaper and easier transport.

It can be quickly and easily assembled by hand, and can be leased from us for however long your site needs to exclude newts and reptiles.

Please contact us for further details.

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      Knowledge Hub Introducing the Temporary Exclusion Channel (TEC)