Posted on Feb 17, 2011

Local authority habitat creation

We are working with local authority, Hackney Council, in London on an area of Hackney Marshes by creating new wildlife habitats to improve it’s biodiversity and attract visitors.

The works include the seeding of 2ha of diversified grasslands, planting around 4000 trees and 20,000 native Spring bulbs. We have installed 30 bat boxes and 30 bird boxes within the existing woodland. As a result we hope to see more species using the area.

To enhance the area for the public we are installing a number of timber steps, a wildlife observation hide, benches around the woodland, and forest bark paths.

We aim to complete the project in April, after which we will undertake regular maintenance work on the site for a further year to ensure that all new habitats have the best chance for successful long-term establishment.

You can view the story on the Hackney Council website here.

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