New species paper to be published online

Earlier this month, Thomson Ecology’s Principal Taxonomist, Ruth Barnich, and her co-authors, submitted a publication to the scientific journal, Marine
Biodiversity, on the discovery of two new Malmgrenia species.

The species, one from the Celtic Sea, and the other from the North Sea, have now been registered in ZOOBANK. They share an unusual character, which so far,
has not been described for the genus. This discovery, therefore, required a new evaluation of the diagnostic characters currently in use.

Apart from the description of the new species, the paper gives a comprehensive overview on all Malmgrenia species known to date from the Northeast Atlantic
and the Mediterranean Sea. The included updated identification key will be of special interest to laboratories involved in benthic assessments in European
waters. An online version of the paper is expected to be available before the end of this year and the print version at the beginning of next year.

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