Posted on May 28, 2014

Our arboriculture team leader talks to Essential Arb magazine.

Thomson Ecology’s arboriculture team leader, Sam Lowe, recently explained to Essential Arb what his job involves for an article in the Spring 2014 issue.

Sam described the different types of tree survey that the arboriculture team does, including preliminary ecological appraisal, further surveys, and tree hazard assessments. He also explained the crossover between arboriculture and ecology – when trees are inhabited with protected and priority species such as bats, birds and dormice.

Sam used the example of Lodge Hill in Kent to demonstrate the wide scope of the arboriculture team’s work. Here they surveyed 320 hectares, recorded over 2000 trees, 130 groups of trees and 130 woodland areas. The team worked closely with the planning teams and authorities, and the subsequent report was used to help towards the master plan for development.

The article then went on to explain how the arboriculture team work closely with our award-winning in-house GIS team who collate and map the data.

Sam finished by saying that working with Thomson Ecology means that every day is different and the work is interesting and rewarding!

To read the article in full, please see the Spring 2014 issue of Essential Arb.

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