Posted on Jun 08, 2014

Ecologists educate pupils on protected species of local site.

An article was published in the Surrey Advertiser last week about a site which we are currently surveying, which will eventually be turned into an area containing cycle jumps for local children to use.

Some or our ecologists were invited by John Sandy, Chairman of the Cycle Jumps group and school Governor at Rodborough School, to talk to pupils from the school about the ecology of the Lovel Cycle Jumps site. The pupils are producing an article about the jumps for the school magazine.

Thomson Ecology are currently surveying the Lovel Cycle Jumps site in Milford, and ensuring that any protected species are re-located to new habitats before the new jumps are built.

Rob Hutchinson, Thomson’s project manager for the scheme, said:

“This was a great opportunity for us to educate young people, many of whom will be using the new jumps, about the local ecology. We were able to talk to them about habitat surveying and how our teams come in before construction work takes place to survey the ground for any protected species like slow worms and other reptiles. If they are found on the site, we will carefully trap and move them to alternative suitable habitat within Rodborough Common before the site is cleared and work takes place. This ensures that the biodiversity within this area of the community is sustained.”

Rachel Chambers from Rodborough School said:

“The pupils found the talk from ecologists fascinating and it was such a good opportunity for them to learn more about the ecology of the local landscape around them and to understand the sort of species that can be found in the area. It was great to have a team of experts on our doorstep that were so informative and able to answer all our questions.”

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