Posted on Jun 18, 2014

Our award-winning geospatial team demo TIM for real-time interactive mapping in a new short film.

The award-winning team have introduced their new web app, TIM (Thomson Interactive Mapping), in a new film short available to view now.

TIM allows our ecologists to perform rapid data collection to determine any ecological issues. Encountered early, these issues can be considered and discussed with the client so that delay and expense are minimised, and the most appropriate survey programme agreed.

Mobile mappers pre-loaded with site information such as land access details, base mapping, and survey forms, are issued to our ecologists, replacing the need for paper field maps, coloured pencils and survey forms. This avoids inaccuracies in manual data copying.

Site data is captured direct and can be transmitted immediately to other ecology surveyors, the project manager and the client. This is perfect way of highlighting where special care is required as well as monitoring project progress. An automatic email can be sent to our clients at the end of each day to show the progress made.

As the project progresses, TIM develops into a complete and powerful project management system. The whole project team are able easily to access the same information and data, without having to leaf through pages of maps and reports.

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