Posted on Apr 07, 2014

Our ultimate guide to bats

Just take a walk through the countryside, or wander around your garden in the evening and you’ll come face to face with many of Britain’s wild animals, yet it is amazing how little we still know about how they interact with us and the countryside around us in the UK, let alone across the world. This can definitely be said for bats, and here at Thomson Ecology we have crammed our infographic full of interesting facts about these fascinating mammals.

It covers a whole range of facts – from their anatomy and skills to their populations worldwide and their place in our current climate. Did you know, for instance, that guano (excrement from bats and birds) was used in the Civil War to make gunpowder? And despite the common saying “blind as a bat”, bats aren’t actually blind, and some species can see just as well as human beings? All this and much more for you to read and enjoy.

Click here to view our Bats Infographic

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      Knowledge Hub Our ultimate guide to bats