Posted on Nov 11, 2014

Thomson Ecology receives Green Apple Award

Thomson Ecology and Crossrail were proud to receive a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice at the House of Commons yesterday.

This was in recognition of the protected species mitigation works undertaken at Wallasea Island in Essex as part of the habitat creation works for the Wallasea Wildcoast Project. Paul Franklin collected the award on behalf of Thomson Ecology. Afterwards he said: “This was a logistically difficult project and only made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team of field ecologists working long hours in challenging conditions. The words ‘Wallasea’ and ‘mud’ are now synonymous in the minds of our ecologists who trapped and translocated reptiles and water voles, whilst also testing their off-road driving skills.”

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project is a landmark conservation and engineering scheme for the 21st century, on a scale never before attempted in the UK and the largest of its type in Europe. The aim of this project is to combat the threats from climate change and coastal flooding by recreating the ancient wetland landscape of mudflats and saltmarsh, lagoons and pasture. It will also help to compensate for the loss of such tidal habitats elsewhere in England.

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      Knowledge Hub Thomson Ecology receives Green Apple Award