Posted on Nov 04, 2014

Solar farm soft landscaping

Thomson Habitats is providing soft landscaping features around a new solar farm which has been built to provide renewable energy on previously cultivated land in Wiltshire.

The features will help screen the development from the nearby village and will help to maintain the overall appearance of the site. This includes planting a 1km length of hedgerow. The hedgerow comprises native species such as hawthorn, field maple, hazel, spindle and blackthorn. These particular species will provide food for birds and mammals as well as providing good habitat for nesting birds. The hedgerow will also provide connectivity for dormice and other small mammals.

Trees will be planted, including oak and wild cherry. Areas of rank grassland have been removed by brushcutting, and a membrane has been laid to suppress weeds which will improve the hedgerow’s chance of growing.

This is a typical example where – with thought and knowledge – landscaping can help not only people but wildlife as well at no extra cost.

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