Posted on Mar 07, 2016

Thomson Habitats assist Cala Homes on housing development

Thomson Habitats has worked on a reptile fencing project in Pulborough, West Sussex, where we installed over 800m of reptile fencing for our client.

A site in Pulborough, previously agricultural land, is being developed to provide over 100 homes. The scheme will include a central green space, and a green corridor that will run from North to South.

Our client, award-winning housing developer, Cala Homes, needed to mitigate any negative impact the project might otherwise have had on reptiles, which are a legally protected species. An initial phase of this mitigation is to install temporary fencing to contain the planned site, allow the reptiles to be trapped, removed to safe areas nearby and prevented from re-entering the site and being killed or injured by the building works.

Thomson Habitats cleared vegetation along the proposed fence-line, trenched this line to allow the temporary fencing to be buried and so stop reptiles burrowing underneath, and installed the fence. Despite some initial challenges with site access, the works were completed well ahead of schedule and allowed the trapping to go ahead.

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