Posted on Oct 18, 2023

Thomson’s long service awards – Celebrating years of dedication and excellence

During our most recent company-wide meeting, Nancy Thomson, the founder of Thomson Environmental Consultants, presented long service awards as tokens of appreciation for employees’ unwavering commitment and devotion to the organisation. A noteworthy total of 26 staff members were recognised for their service, which ranged from 5 to over 15 years. Nancy said “it is very heart-warming to see the substantial number of individuals who have dedicated many years to our company, helping to develop and strengthen our teams and our culture. All have lived our company values of Respect, Integrity, Support and Excellence (RISE) and play a pivotal role in our overall success.

Since the company began, almost two decades ago, countless graduates, professionals, and support staff have worked at Thomson. Many of the ecologists making headway in the industry, began their careers at Thomson and due to the company’s reputable training programme, has offered many the opportunity to initiate and advance their professional journeys.

Lynnette Pearce, Director of Ecology, shared the reasons behind her commitment to Thomson over the last 10 years; “One of the main things I love about Thomson is the people – everyone is so friendly, supportive and approachable, and we have experts on just about everything, so there is always someone to go to for advice. I also really appreciate the variety of work, training and opportunities I’ve been provided, as these have enabled me to progress quickly in terms of my technical and management skills. Now that I manage the ecology team, I try to ensure that such support is provided to all our staff, enabling us all to be the best we can be and fulfil our mission ‘to be chosen by clients as their preferred specialists, admired by competitors and regarded by people as the company to work for’.

Wulfric Blackwell, Senior Project Manager in our Habitats team, had similar sentiments;Working for Thomson for nearly seven years has been a pleasure. Thomson really do hold their core values to heart, and everyone works to them every day. I have been involved in a wide variety of different sorts of work and am proud to have represented Thomson whilst doing so. I joined the business as a Project Manager with little industry experience. Thomson have helped train and educate me and I am incredibly grateful for this. With this newly acquired knowledge and having built up some experience, I have gone on to be promoted to Senior Project Manager where I have managed and been a part of some truly great projects. I have worked with some wonderful people and completed some groundbreaking environmental work. My colleagues have been supportive and inspiring, and Thomson has motivated me to push myself and keep striving for excellence. I look forward to seeing what comes next. Thank you, Thomson!

Thomson Environmental Consultants is proud to have an inclusive and diverse workforce, and we often recruit from all over the world to find the skills required to provide our clients with expert services in all ecosystems. Loreto Gestoso Suarez, Senior Biologist in our marine team, acknowledged her award for 5 years at Thomson; “I felt welcome since day one. Beginnings were challenging coming from another country, but I felt supported and guided all the way. The marine team is a very skilled and supportive one and a great department to learn all about the marine environment consultancy”.

With offices in Guildford, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and East Anglia, we work on projects throughout the UK. Lauren Hornsby-Riley reflected on her award for long service; “As a senior ecologist and Leeds office manager, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to many meaningful projects and working alongside an exceptional team. The commitment to environmental excellence and the collaborative spirit here have made working at Thomson so enjoyable. Here’s to many more years of growth and success together!

Thomson differs from most consultancies, in that it has a large central support team which includes resourcing, HR, finance, HSQE, business operations, IT, sales, marketing and bid management. These teams are the company’s backbone, offering support to the wider company. Heidi Kane, Management Accountant, remarked on her 13 years at Thomson; I joined Thomson as a finance assistant. Since then, I have had the chance to work across various support functions, including front of house. Thomson has provided me with invaluable opportunities, such as funding my AAT course, which allowed me to progress to my current role as a management accountant. I’m also proud to serve as a mental health first aider. The people at Thomson are what truly make this place special. The vibrant and collaborative culture they’ve fostered has been a significant factor in why I’ve chosen to stay here for so long.


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