A31 Magherafelt Bypass, Northern Ireland

The brief

Proposals were put forward for a bypass scheme to relieve congestion in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. Ecology surveys were required in order to determine baseline conditions for the site and inform route options.

What we did

  • We undertook a suite of bat surveys along the proposed route options.
  • Buildings and trees were inspected for their potential to support roosting bats.
  • All features with the potential to support roosting bats were then subject to dusk emergence and dawn return to roost surveys to determine the presence or likely absence of roosts.
  • An assessment was also made of potential foraging and commuting habitats for bats which was followed by a suite of bat activity surveys to determine how bats were using the various route options.

The outcome

Several bat roosts were recorded, including a roost of the rare Nathusius’ pipistrelle. In addition, numerous commuting corridors and foraging areas were identified.

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