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A31 Magherafelt Bypass, Northern Ireland

The brief

Proposals were put forward for a bypass scheme to relieve congestion in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. Ecology surveys were required in order to determine baseline conditions for the site and inform route options.

What we did

  • We undertook a suite of bat surveys along the proposed route options.
  • Buildings and trees were inspected for their potential to support roosting bats.
  • All features with the potential to support roosting bats were then subject to dusk emergence and dawn return to roost surveys to determine the presence or likely absence of roosts.
  • An assessment was also made of potential foraging and commuting habitats for bats which was followed by a suite of bat activity surveys to determine how bats were using the various route options.

The outcome

Several bat roosts were recorded, including a roost of the rare Nathusius’ pipistrelle. In addition, numerous commuting corridors and foraging areas were identified.

The results of the surveys were used to inform the route options and minimise potential impacts on bats through detailed conservation strategy planning. As a result the main works were given the go-ahead.
Thomson project manager, A31 Magherafelt Bypass, Northern Ireland
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