Badger and otter fencing and soft landscaping, Aylesbury
Kier Infrastructure & Overseas

Badger and otter fencing and soft landscaping, Aylesbury

The brief

We worked with our client, Kier Infrastructure & Overseas, to facilitate the construction of a new road in Aylesbury as part of the Berryfields Major Development Area Works. Berryfields Major Development Area (MDA) is situated off the A41 to the North West of Aylesbury. It includes 3,000 new homes, a district centre, and schools.

What we did

We were commissioned to undertake extensive fencing and soft landscaping works. As part of these works we

  • Installed 400m of post-and-rail otter fencing
  • Installed 4000m of post-and-rail badger fencing
  • Installed wildlife gates including associated concrete shuttering work
  • Hydro-seeded 32,734m2 with a rye-grass highways mix
  • Planted an attenuation pond with native marginal and emergent plant species.
Despite difficult ground conditions and tight deadlines, these works were completed in time to facilitate the opening of the new highway.
Thomson project manager, badger and otter fencing and soft landscaping, Aylesbury
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