Ecological reports for pontoon extensions

The brief

Two piers in central London required extensions to enable increased capacity of the river taxi service operated by London River Services. Beckett Rankine commissioned Thomson Unicomarine to assess the impact of these two works on marine ecology in order to comply with marine licence requirements.

What we did

  • We assessed the impact of the piling and placement of new pontoons on the sensitive marine ecology receptors which included fish and marine mammals which are protected under the Bern Convention and the Habitats Directive.
  • We also assessed the impact of these works on the Thames Estuary recommended Marine Conservation Zone, which lists habitats and species for protection.
  • We produced two separate ecological reports for the two different locations.
  • Mitigation measures to minimise the impact of the works on migratory fish were suggested. These included implementing a soft start procedure during piling activities.
  • These reports provide information to support the marine licence application as well as ensuring the projects are compliant with the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The outcome

Due to the small-scale nature of the works, the impact of these works on marine ecology in the Thames was assessed to be of minor to no adverse significance. It was also concluded that the works would not have an adverse effect on the Thames Middle waterbody. The reports produced supported the client’s application for a marine licence.

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