Team Van Oord

Ecology mitigation works, Exeter flood defence scheme

The brief

We worked with our client, Team Van Oord, as part of their Water and Environment Management (WEM) framework, to facilitate Phase 1 of the Exeter Flood Defence Scheme.

The project costing £30m is aimed at reducing flood risk to 3000 homes and businesses in Exeter. Phase 1 of the works will involve deepening the existing flood relief channel, lowering the spill weir at the top of another flood relief channel and removing a check weir at the bottom of the channel. These works will increase the flow capacity of the main channel.

What we did

We were commissioned to undertake the initial ecological enabling works package as Principal Contractor under the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations. To support these works we:

  • Undertook mechanised vegetation manipulation of the 6.5ha area to make the habitat unsuitable for reptiles
  • Enhanced a reptile receptor site by creating basking banks, log piles, egg-laying sites and basking areas
  • Mechanically cleared 4.4ha of Himalayan balsam using a combination of hand tools, mechanical flails and mulchers
  • Cut back 100m of existing hedgerow
  • Installed information signs about the works


Our works programme successfully completed enabled the main works to progress.

The scheme will protect a huge number of homes and businesses from flooding. We were delighted to be appointed Principal Contractor on this part of this very important project.
Thomson project manager, Exeter Flood Defence Scheme
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