Posted on Apr 11, 2012

Amphibian mitigation, Berkshire

On a site in Bracknell in Berkshire where our client is developing the land for a housing project, we cleared vegetation from a hectare of land. Our purpose was to prevent the protected species on site from being killed or injured during development works.

We undertook the vegetation clearance using hand tools due to it being an ecologically sensitive area, and the arisings were collected and stockpiled as requested by our client. The vegetation has been cut so that it will make the area unsuitable habitat for amphibians such as great crested newts.

Using a low impact trencher, we installed semi-permanent fencing around the site perimeter, the purpose of which is to exclude wildlife from the site during the development works, and we installed post and rail fencing, and a field gate.

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      Knowledge Hub Amphibian mitigation, Berkshire