Posted on Jul 11, 2010

Enhancement of nature reserve

We are currently working with a large utility company to carry out extensive enhancement of an existing nature reserve in East London as part of the mitigation for the further development of the core site.

The work has involved the clearance of 20 hectares of vegetation including the felling of trees and the distribution of the chippings and the roundwood on site. We are enhancing an area of wetland by improving and creating wader scrapes, constructing a reed bed, enhancing 4 ditches, and building pathways and a viewing area. We are installing a wind pump and barn owl boxes, erecting stock fencing, erecting and later removing temporary wildlife fencing, planting shrubs and trees, and treating invasive plants on site. The main part of the project is to create a new reed bed covering over 1.5ha which involves moving in excess of 100,000 tonnes of soil and planting 70,000 reeds.

The work will result in the creation of new areas of the nature reserve which will provide safe habitat for wildlife which the public will be able to view and enjoy.

For more information on this story please see – Enhancement of nature reserve nears the final phase

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