Posted on Oct 04, 2015

Flood defence to reduce risk to 3000 homes

We worked with our client, Team Van Oord, as part of their Water and Environment Management (WEM) framework, to facilitate Phase 1 of the Exeter Flood Defence Scheme.

The £30 million project aims to reduce flood risk to 3000 homes and businesses in Exeter.

Phase 1 of the works will involve our client deepening the existing flood relief channel, lowering the spill weir at the top of a another flood relief channel, and removing a check weir at the bottom of the channel. The works will increase the flow capacity of the channel.

Thomson Habitats was commissioned to undertake the soft landscaping and habitat enhancement works. As part of this we:

  • Spot treated weed regrowth with a foliar applied herbicide
  • Mechanically cleared 5ha of vegetation regrowth within the new flood relief channel
  • Power harrowed 5ha of ground, to facilitate the seeding works
  • Hydroseeded with a wetland meadow wildflower and dry meadow wildflower seed mixes
  • Broadcast seeded a pond edge with wildflower seed mix
  • Planted over 1500 marginal and submergent native wetland plants

“Thomson Habitats have been involved with the scheme since the commencement of the works. We used Thomson due to our long-standing relationship with them, and their ability to identify value engineering solutions in the delivery of the soft landscaping works. They have mobilised quickly and promptly and have provided a good quality of service.”

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