Posted on Oct 05, 2015

Temporary Exclusion Channel for newt translocation

Thomson Habitats has collaborated with their client Osborne, the leading construction company, on rail embankment repair works in Allington, near Eastleigh in Hampshire.

We installed newt fencing and pitfall traps throughout the works area, compound and haul road to assist with a great crested newt translocation to exclude newts from the site during the development works. We also installed a Temporary Exclusion Channel (TEC) across the entrance of the haul road to prevent newts from getting into the works site. The TEC will remain in place for the duration of the works, which in this case is about twenty weeks.

The TEC is the only temporary exclusion channel product on the market which is designed to work with conventional newt or reptile fencing. We worked with ecologists and fabricators to come up with the most cost-effective design which, when installed on a site, would be impassable to newts, and also sturdy enough to meet load-bearing requirements. To read more about it please click here, or call us to discuss how installing a TEC could help with your project.

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