Habitat creation at busy factory site
Posted on Dec 13, 2016

Habitat creation at busy factory site

Thomson Habitats carried out wildlife fencing and habitat creation works at an active factory site on behalf of our client United Environmental Services. To prepare for future development within the site, we installed reptile fencing to facilitate trapping and translocation of reptiles to the adjacent receptor area. We carried out receptor site enhancements to create a diverse habitat for the reptiles to be translocated into.

Working in line with the clients’ reptile mitigation strategy and around the busy factory’s daily activities, we completed the works on time, enabling their reptile trapping and translocation programme to begin without delay.

What we did

We installed temporary reptile fencing and post and wire fencing to close off the receptor area from the adjacent working site, and installed brick and brash hibernacula to provide suitable reptile refuges.

Enhancement works included shaping an existing spoil mound to provide south-facing bunds for reptiles to bask on, and creating wader scrapes in the reed beds to provide diverse aquatic habitat for site wildlife.

We used a low ground pressure track loader machine for the majority of the works in the receptor site to minimise ground and wildlife disturbance.

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