Tree consultancy, St Albans

The brief

To cover periods of staff resourcing issues and deal with a backlog of enquiries, we have periodically provided specialist arboricultural consultancy cover for St Albans District Council.

What we did

  • Provided a highly qualified and experienced arboriculturist for extended periods to provide tree-related consultancy services
  • Undertook tree hazard assessments and made management recommendations for council-owned trees
  • Utilised the Council’s own tree management system, WoodPlan, to record enquiries, incidents, inspections and management recommendations
  • Assessed applications for works to trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders, and within a designated Conservation Area, and issued decision letters
  • Provided input on planning applications with tree-related issues and worked closely with case officers in the planning department.

The outcome

We successfully provided the arboricultural consultancy services required by the Council until the resourcing issues were resolved.

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