Innovation at Thomson saves developers time and money
Posted on Mar 14, 2017

Innovation at Thomson saves developers time and money

Much to the relief of many developers, March marks the end of the newt hibernation season. This means that development sites with a mitigation licence for great crested newts are able to commence fencing and trapping.

At Thomson Habitats, we specialise in installing ecological fencing and traps required to translocate newts. Our CAT 279D skid steer allows us to clear vegetation and install fencing and traps efficiently, whilst minimising the risk of harm to newts. The main advantage of the skid steer over conventional plant such as excavators and tractors is its low ground pressure (less than that of a man wearing boots). Low ground pressure means that it is less likely to cause damage or harm in ecologically sensitive areas. The various attachments also make it highly versatile and capable of tasks which would otherwise require multiple machines.

Thomson’s bespoke mapping programme, Thomson Interactive Mapping or TIM, adds value in itself: it allows our clients to view trapping progress as it happens. On larger sites, areas can be compartmentalised and TIM can be used to inform our clients which areas are free of newts so they can commence works. This allows works to start much earlier than having to wait for the entire area to be fully excluded.

Another innovation available exclusively from Thomson Habitats is the Temporary Exclusion Channel (TEC). Traditionally, newt-proof gates have been used for vehicle access to newt exclusion areas. On busy worksites with regular traffic, gates are not a practical solution. Not only are gates a hindrance to the movement of traffic around site, it is also difficult to maintain them as an effective barrier because vehicles create ruts which require ongoing attention. If the access points are not effectively maintained and newts re-enter the exclusion area, it may mean that the area will need to be re-trapped. This could cause unforeseen expense and delays to the development. A further advantage of the TEC is that it comes in light one-meter sections, making it easy to transport and assemble in position.

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