Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Thomson Habitats welcomes a new member to the team!

Thomson Habitats have invested in a CAT 279D hi-flow, Compact Track Loader with a 4 in 1 bucket, pallet forks, mulcher, brushcutter and trencher attachments!

We will be using this on many of our projects, and it will also be available for hire, complete with a Thomson Habitats’ NPORS, SSSTS & PTS qualified operator.

The CAT 279D is designed to be a multi-purpose site tool, increasing efficiency on site, but especially for high-performance cutting and mulching of vegetation and undergrowth. The hydraulic mulcher reduces scrub, trees and brambles into finely mulched material, making it ideal for environmental maintenance.

This machine is well suited to clearing vegetation on ecologically sensitive sites due to its extremely low ground pressure (half that of an average human footprint!), minimising its impact . Its ability to clear vegetation to a set height above the ground, and to achieve this clearance in one or two passes, hugely reduces the risk of disturbing, killing or injuring protected species that may be present on the site.

The heavy-duty mulching head can reduce timber up to 200 mm (8 in) diameter to woodchip, and the brushcutter can effortlessly cut softer vegetation such as grass and weeds.

Our additional attachments mean that many other applications are possible. These include:

  • low-ground impact movement of materials around site
  • trenching for reptile or newt fencing, pipes or root-barrier membrane

We are also able to source other attachments, fulfilling other requirements you may have on your site.
Please contact us on 01483 466066 for further information.

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